Laura Stallcup

1st Grade Teacher

Laura Stallcup

About the Teacher/Welcome Msg


I graduated from Christian Brothers University with my bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and minors in history and sociology. I am currently working on a Masters in the Science of Reading.


This is my second year teaching and I am so excited to be here at Hope Sullivan with your student!  

Although this is my second year teaching  I have  done lots of other work with students in our community. I interned with St. Jude in their Education Outreach Program for about 2 years. During my time with St. Jude I developed  and ran after school STEM clubs across Shelby County. Due to the large amount of diversity in the Shelby County  School District, I was able to work with varied populations of students.


I am originally from Mexico but have lived here in the states since I was 3. I have lived in the Southaven area most of my life but most recently I moved to Olive Branch with my husband and two dogs (and have recently adopted a third one). My life outside of being a teacher includes lots of hiking, home renovation projects and most of all, spending time with my husband and my family. 

My educational beliefs are deeply rooted in social justice. I believe in meeting all of my students' individual learning needs. It is my goal to help them grow to be successful life long learners. Along with meeting my students' educational needs, I also believe in having respect and open lines of communication with them and also with you, the parents. Together we can make this a great year and I look forward to seeing all that we accomplish. 

Class Schedule

8:05-8:40 Arrival/ Unpack/ Morning Work 

8:45-9:30Morning Meeting / Calendar Time

**** Bathroom Break ****

9:30-10:15  Phonics

**** Brain Break ****

10:20-11:15Math Stations

11:15-11:45 Lunch 

**** Bathroom  Break****

12:05-12:25 Reading (Making Meaning)/Writing

12:30-1:00 Recess 

1:00-1:40  ELA Stations 


2:15-2:30- Intervention 

2:30-3:30- Snack, last minute bathroom break, pack up, dismiss

Student Learning Sites

epic books
brain pop

Behavior Expectations

Student Expectations 

1. Respect yourself: 

  • Believe in yourself
  • Be kind to yourself

2. Respect your classmates and teachers

  • Be kind to your classmates and teachers (use kind words and do acts of kindness)
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself 
  • Follow all directions given to you by your teachers

3. Respect your School

  • Use all your supplies the correct way
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Use walking feet and inside voices in the halls and in classrooms

4. Always do your best

  • Keep a growth mindset


1. Compliment Cactus:  We will have a cactus in the classroom that we can fill with thorns. Any time we get a whole group compliment either in the hallway or in our classroom by another person, our class earns a thorn on our cactus. When the cactus is full we will earn a special treat as a class. 

2. Treat Box: If a student receives an E in conduct all week he/she will be able to choose something out of the treat box. 

3. Treasure Chest: Students will have a chart that they fill with stickers when they receive Es in conduct or when they are spotted doing good (in class or in the hallways). When the student fills up the whole chart they will get to choose a big prize from our class treasure chest. 


1. Reminder of the rule being broken

2. Student/teacher mini conference about the rule being broken and request for correction 

3. Lose the privilege to sit with the class during whole group 

4. Loss of fun time (talking at lunch, free play at recess, special activities, etc) 

5. Parent contacted 

6.Go to the principal's office 

Classroom Behavior Scale 

1. Excellent- The student always follows classroom/school rules and procedures without being reminded. When working in group situations, the student always works well with everyone.

2. Good- The student usually follows classroom/school rules and procedures and usually works well with everyone. 

3. Satisfactory- The student needs to be reminded to follow classroom/school rules and procedures and has to be reminded of what it takes to work well with others 

4. Needs Improvement- The student needs to be reminded to follow classroom/school rules and procedures often and also needs to be reminded how to work well with others often. Consequences have been applied (Note sent home, special privileges taken away, time alone) 

5. Unsatisfactory- The student disregards classroom/ school rules and procedures and frequently fails to work well with others. Consequences have been applied. (Note sent home, special privileges taken away, time alone)


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